Don’t wanna go any place…


Some doodles from my livestream last night

top is plant!mycroft, loveinthebones offered the idea of Mycroft being cactus based and I had to draw it haha

bottom is my son plantlock


this is the second piece from my latest round of commissions of inchells.  Halloween is my favorite holiday so i wanted to get my favorite boys dressed up for the occasion.  i thought the skeleton fit for Sherlock cause of his friend who’s a skull and we all make fun of John for his jumpers so i thought why not give him a new one to be made fun of.

again i was blown away by what Eve did.  she always does wonderful work but she captured the mood so perfectly.  this makes me smile^^


happy October!
this one is also from my stream this morning <3
I had to doodle John in a cat costume

(Source: artmdavis)


*stares intensely off into the distance*


Continued a picture


Derniere Danse - Sherlock by Mi-caw-ber

Que d’espérance
Sur ce chemin en ton absence
J’ai beau trimer, sans toi ma vie n’est qu’un décor qui brille, vide de sens

Gibt es überhaupt noch Hoffnung
Auf diesem Pfad deiner Abwesenheit?
Ich plage mich so sehr, doch ohne dich ist mein Leben nur eine Fassade, die glänzt, leer und ohne Sinn

Indila - Dernière Danse

Inspired by Alan Stephen Fosters 'The fall'.

Size: A4 
Medium: 0,3 mechanical pencil + traditional&digital coloration
Mood: It’s raining, it’s pouring, doing nothing is boring! *scribble scribble*


Animation of process.

[ the wifie wrote a ficlet on her blog! ]

line art + additional panel ]

[ process animation ]

more fem!lock ]


Jakathine asked for merlock

number 33

100 Palette challenge